Frankfurt a.M.  /  April 04, 2017  -  April 07, 2017

Prolight + Sound 2017

Fraunhofer IDMT presents in Hall 3.1, booth H20:


SpatialSound Wave and planar speakers

SpatialSound Wave is an object-based system for producing and replaying three-dimensional sound. To sound engineers, the system offers novel options to easily and efficiently produce true- life spatial sound scenes virtually immersing the listener.

Thanks to the object-based approach, a large number of audio objects can easily be positioned and moved, providing high flexibility for live events and studio productions, as the low system latency allows the computation of all loudspeaker signals in realtime. At Prolight + Sound Fraunhofer IDMT acousticians will be presenting the latest version of SpatialSound Wave. The system features an improved production environment, allowing a more convenient interaction with audio objects. For example, it is now possible to move audio objects on preconfigured, intuitively defined tracks, or to use CUEs in connection with audio objects, opening up new possibilities in the studio and for sound direction.

SpatialSound Wave supports multiple loudspeaker and multiple setups which do not have to comply with any standard configuration. The spatial characteristics of three-dimensional sound produced with SpatialSound Wave are always preserved, no matter what loudspeaker arrangement is used for replay.

At Prolight + Sound, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the great flexibility of SpatialSound Wave, using a 5.1 planar speaker setup, among others. The planar speaker developed by Fraunhofer unites lean, space-saving design and great sound quality. It offers multiple options for installation, as it can be placed nearly anywhere – simply on a door or wall, or sophisticatedly integrated with a piece of furniture; as an almost invisible element of a picture hanging on a wall, or as a deliberately used object adding to the aesthetics of a room. It thereby offers an ideal solution for flexible integration of multi-channel systems.