Digital therapysystem to train hearing and articulation for highly hearing-impaired persons

The THERESIAH project aims to develop a new therapy system to train hearing and articulation of highly hearing-impaired persons. THERESIAH complements existing forms of therapy. Therapy with THERESIAH is software-based and uses gamification. Users are able to rise to different difficulty levels through training frequency as well as moviation- and feedback systems.

One central aspect of THERESIAH is the speech-recognition technology developed by the Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg. Scientists of the Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA are developing speech-recogniton technology, which recognizes pathological patterns of articulation. This aims to give participants feedback about their articulation and therefore enable them to intensify their training. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany.


Responsibilities of the Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg

The Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology improves speech-recognition algorithms in terms of articulation-parameters, for example tonality or hoarseness. This also means improving the automation of rating articulation.

Fraunhofer IDMT also examines, how speech can be measured by muscleactivities of the speech-apparatus. To do that, patterns found in the measurement of a electromyogram of a person with and a person without troubled articulation, are compared.

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News / 3.1.2024

Speech technologies that help us!

Laura Tuschen, head of Assistive Speech and Language Analysis group, gives an insight into the work of the research group.


Automatic speech analysis

Based on machine learning, speech and voice pathologies should be automatically evaluated and analysed in our SVAT project.


Previous project ISi-Speech

Individualized speech recognition for rehabilitation of persons with significantly reduced speech intelligibility.


Connected Health

In the area of Connected Health we develop mobile sensor-based health systems.

The project »THERESIAH« is funded by the German ministry of education and research (BMBF) (13GW0209/A-E).

Assistive Speech and Language Analysis

The development and utilisation of digital speech processing technologies can make an important contribution to individual capacity for verbal communication.