The goal of the research project "THESEUS" was to develop a new Internet based knowledge infrastructure to make knowledge on the Internet easier to use in a networked context. In the course of the THESEUS project, 60 research partners from science and economy – among them nine Fraunhofer Institutes – developed new technologies for the Internet of Services. THESEUS focused on developing and testing basic technologies, standards and applications that can recognize and classify the meaning of information (words, images, sounds).

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

The main task of Fraunhofer IDMT was to analyze and evaluate the quality of the technologies developed by THESEUS – e. g. language and image recognition, user interfaces and the automatic assignment of metadata. This evaluation process generated feedback that can be used by the developers and partners in the iterative design and development process. In addition, the evaluation contributes to the improvement of the evaluation technologies and the development of standards.

The tasks included:

Evaluation of text analysis

Evaluation of image and video analysis & retrieval

Evaluation of audio and video watermarking

Quality assessment and usability tests for audio and video coding & watermarking

Evaluation of the iterative system design and the usage quality

Evaluation of privacy and security

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