White Paper

ConstructionsAIt – Multi-modal AI-driven technologies for automatic construction site monitoring

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In the construction industry, unexpected accidents, thefts, and vandalism can cause high costs due to construction delays. Also, logistic monitoring is of central importance to ensure a smooth construction process,  especially for large-scale projects. Manual attempts to ensure the safety of construction workers and to monitor traffic flows and deliveries of construction materials are often costly and inefficient.

As a promising solution, audio-visual analysis algorithms combined with distributed sensor networks across construction sites can help to automate these processes. 

In this white paper, ten use-cases for construction site monitoring using multi-modal AI-driven algorithms are presented and challenges as well as possible solutions are discussed. 

Use Cases

Safety of Construction Workers

  • Construction Hard Hat Verification
  • Mouthguard Verification
  • Protective Vest Verification
  • Detection of Cries for Help

Construction Site Surveillance

  • Illegal Entry Detection
  • Vandalism and Theft Detection
  • Collapse, Explosion, and Fire Detection

Logistics Monitoring

  • Audio-Visual Traffic Monitoring
  • Quantities of Goods
  • Construction progress

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