Speech and Voice Analysis Technologies as a Service

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Based on digital signal processing, speech and voice pathologies can be detected in a modular service.
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The algorithms for the service use machine learning approaches.

The SVAT project is part of the Connected Health working area and aims to provide a server-based service through which speech and voice pathologies can be automatically analyzed. The algorithms within this modular service are based on technologies of automatic speech recognition, further classifiers, and machine learning approaches.

These technologies are already used at our institute in other application areas and are constantly being further developed. Within the first project phase, they will be integrated, adapted, and implemented in the application area of speech and voice and expanded and tested within the second project phase. The feature algorithms for the automatic analysis of speech and voice are derived from the acoustic properties and characteristics within the disorders and link technology with linguistics and phonetics in the development.

The provision of a service for the automatic analysis of speech and voice disorders opens many areas of application in the research context as well as within the logopedic and speech therapy care chain and contributes to the objectification of the diagnostic process and therapy evaluation.

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News / 3.1.2024

Speech technologies that help us!

Laura Tuschen, head of Assistive Speech and Language Analysis group, gives an insight into the work of the research group.



The THERESIAH project aims to develop a new therapy system to train hearing and articulation of highly hearing-impaired persons.


Automatic Screening

With the »Oldenburg Speech and Voice Test«, we want to set a new standard for the automated detection of speech and voice disorders.


Connected Health

In the area of Connected Health we develop mobile sensor-based health systems.

The Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA is funded in the program »Vorab« by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) and the Volkswagen Foundation for its further development.

Assistive Speech and Language Analysis

The development and utilisation of digital speech processing technologies can make an important contribution to individual capacity for verbal communication.