Virtual Acoustic Product Development

The acoustic behaviour of machines, systems or technical consumer goods is becoming increasingly important when it comes to assessing the subjectively perceived quality. While in the automotive industry it is primarily a matter of differentiating oneself from competitors by sound, in mechanical engineering it is increasingly important to design machines or plants as quietly as possible. 

With the help of numerous simulation tools, many products or machines are nowadays constructed virtually on the computer even before the first prototype is built - because the construction of prototypes is very cost-intensive. In this phase, however, acoustic product properties can only be simulated insufficiently authentically. Fraunhofer IDMT offers innovative solutions in the field of virtual engineering to simulate the acoustic behavior of virtual prototypes in real time, to make them audible and to influence them in a targeted manner. For this purpose, methods and tools for the virtualization and adaptation of acoustic product properties as well as for active noise suppression and noise compensation are developed.





Making virtual products audible in space

Research Projects


AuWiS – Audiovisual recording and reproduction of traffic noise for the simulation of sound insulation measures


Acoustically Advanced Virtualization of Products and Production Processes


Virtual Street - Virtual Reality: Funk, Road, Vehicle and Driver