Hybrid and interactive speech and language therapy after stroke

The HiSSS project aims to improve health care with the help of hybrid and interactive theletherapeutic approaches. For this purpose, a therapy system will be developed in the project that can be used for both presence therapy and video therapy as well as for self-training. The system works without permanent contact to a therapist but continuous speech and language therapy.

The Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg is supporting the project in a sub-project with machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. On the one hand, the optical analysis of the face and oral movements will be further developed. On the other hand, speech and language data are recorded after a stroke. Automatic speech recognition and evaluation technologies will be used for ratings and feedback within the digital therapy system.

A stroke can be accompanied by impairments in speech and language functions and lead to a significant reduction in quality of life. The logopaedic therapy of these communication disorders requires intensive and continuous contact with patients. The project can make a valuable contribution to this and enable meaningful digital therapy. 

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News / 3.1.2024

Speech technologies that help us!

Laura Tuschen, head of Assistive Speech and Language Analysis group, gives an insight into the work of the research group.



The THERESIAH project aims to develop a new therapy system to train hearing and articulation of highly hearing-impaired persons.


Automatic speech analysis

Based on machine learning, speech and voice pathologies should be able to be automatically evaluated and analysed.


Connected Health

The work area Connected Health dedicates its research and development activities to sensor-based health systems that can be deployed flexibly and without clinical infrastructure.

The project »HiSSS« is funded by the German ministry of education and research (BMBF) and the funding body VDI/VDE (16SV8842).

Assistive Speech and Language Analysis

The development and utilisation of digital speech processing technologies can make an important contribution to individual capacity for verbal communication.