HiperSound – High Performance Sound

In the "HiperSound" research project, the Fraunhofer Institutes IDMT and IPMS are developing cost-efficient and powerful MEMS loudspeakers based on CMOS-compatible technologies for the rapidly growing market of hearables. For this purpose, the project combines the competences of Fraunhofer IDMT in the field of acoustics with the competences of Fraunhofer IPMS in the field of micromechanical, electrostatic actuator technology.


Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

In this project, Fraunhofer IDMT is responsible for the electroacoustic optimization of the MEMS loudspeaker. The focus is on innovative sound guidance concepts, intelligent signal processing algorithms and the development of application-specific electronics.



Fraunhofer internal funding program


2018 – 2021

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