X-ProDev – Accelerated Product Development

The goal of the priority project X-ProDev (accelerated product development) is to accelerate and improve product development by linking digital tools in a novel way. Specifically, cyber-physical test environments, material and process optimization using AI and the development of marking and identification technologies (traceability) are to be developed and demonstrated. With its current research and development activities in the field of acoustic monitoring of manufacturing processes, Fraunhofer IDMT is building on its expertise in detecting and analyzing audible defects already during the individual processes using machine-learning methods. The focus here lays on the fusion of different sensor data – ultra-sound and airborne-sound – to improve the accuracy of the analysis.

Responsibilities of Fraunhofer IDMT

  • Analysis and evaluation of provided sensor data (acoustic and non-acoustic)
  • Development of machine-learning algorithms based on acoustic data for robust analysis models


The following Fraunhofer Institutes are involved in the priority project X-ProDev:

  • Fraunhofer IWM
  • Fraunhofer IKTS
  • Fraunhofer IWU



Fraunhofer internal funding program


July 2020 - December 2020