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The Acoustics business unit offers its customers tailor-made solutions for audio production and reproduction, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the fields of audio technology, psycho- and electroacoustics. Current developments deal with technologies and systems for the production and reproduction of authentic and spatial sound experiences as well as for the virtual simulation and optimization of acoustic product characteristics. Further research is concentrated on the area of intelligent actuator-sensor systems with a focus on microphones and loudspeakers, but also beyond. Developments deal, among other things, with adaptive signal processing algorithms that enable intelligent control of actuators and actuator networks. Likewise, AI-based methods and domain knowledge are used for signal preprocessing of sensors.

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Research project


Development of an Intelligent, Automonitored Sound Sensor System for Harsh Industrial Conditions


Research project


Bio-inspired acoustic sensor technology for highly efficient hearing aids

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Intelligent Control and Design of Acoustic Transducers


Object-based 3D Audio


Virtual Acoustic Product Development

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