Main Research Topics

For many years, Fraunhofer IDMT has been conducting research and development in the fields of audio-visual signal processing and analysis, machine learning and the associated data protection and security aspects. Currently, the researchers investigate to what extent these established analysis methods from the broadcasting sector can be adapted and applied to industrial applications.

At regular intervals, the scientists exchange information with industry representatives and present current research results at scientific conventions.

Research project


Acoustic inspection of weld seams of safety-critical components as part of quality assurance

Research project


Digitized material and data value chains

Research project


Accelerated Product Development

Research project


Sensor Edge Cloud for Federated Learning

Research project


Trusted Ressource Aware ICT

Insights in our research

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Forschung im Dialog

Wissen, warum es wo laut wird

»Stadtlärm« – Ein Forschungsprojekt zur Klassifizierung und Vorhersage von städtischem Lärm


Dokumentation MDR Wissen / 17.1.2020

Ist es zu laut bei uns?

Die 45 minütige Dokumentation untersucht gemeinsam mit dem Fraunhofer IDMT und weiteren Experten Lärmursachen und fragt, wie man Lärm vermeidet.

Grollmisch, Sascha (TU Ilmenau); Johnson, David and Liebetrau, Judith (Fraunhofer IDMT):
Visualizing Neural Network Decisions for Industrial Sound Analysis
Proceedings SMSI 2020 – Sensor and Measurement Science International (conference was cancelled)


Grollmisch, Sascha (TU Ilmenau); Johnson, David; Krüger, Tobias and Liebetrau, Judith (Fraunhofer IDMT): 
Plastic Material Classification using Neural Network based Audio Signal Analysis
Proceedings SMSI 2020 – Sensor and Measurement Science International (conference was cancelled)


Foss, Jeremy; Shirley, Ben; Malheiro, Benedita; Kepplinger, Sara; Nixon, Lyndon; Philipp, Basil; Mezaris, Vasilieos; Ulisses, Alexandre:
DataTV 2019: 1st International Workshop on Data-Driven Personalisation of Television
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video, Salford (Manchester), United Kingdom

Liebetrau, Judith; Grollmisch, Sascha:
Predictive Maintenance: Acoustic Condition Monitoring via airborne sound analysis

Processing Magazine, 2017/09