International Year of Sound

2020 is the International Year of Sound - a worldwide initiative to raise awareness in society of the various facets and importance of sound, tones and noises. Get an overview of our research topics, activities and events in the International Year of Sound 2020! Get to know our experts in interviews and articles and read about what sound means in the lives of our employees.


Unfortunately, the corona crisis does not stop even before our sonorous research. Many (specialist) events and conferences were cancelled in the first half of the year. Nevertheless, we would like to present the planned topics - because sound is our passion.


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Sound at Fraunhofer IDMT

Researchers at Fraunhofer IDMT are dealing with very different issues and forms of sound.

Fraunhofer IDMT creates innovative solutions for industry and media from sound and artificial intelligence.
Fraunhofer IDMT creates innovative solutions for industry and media from sound and artificial intelligence.

Our research portfolio includes

  • the automatic recognition and description of music
  • the detection of manipulation in audio signals
  • the development of systems for spatial sound reproduction
  • the powerful control of tiny chip loudspeakers
  • the auralization of virtual products
  • a possibility to change room acoustics at the push of a button
  • research on aspects of human hearing
  • the automated acoustic quality assurance
  • the investigation of undesired sound.

Our "sonorous" fields of research


Virtual acoustic product development


Intelligent Control and Design of Acoustic Transducers


Object-based 3D Audio


Not all clicks are the same


Reducing Test Scrap with Automated Sound Analysis


Classification and Prediction of Urban Noise


“Everybody hears differently well”


“Better hearing - not just at parties”


"Hear How You Like to Hear"


Audio Forensics


Audio Datasets for Further Experiments


SoundsLike – Detect Similarities in Music

Events at Fraunhofer IDMT (German language)

Listening and participating - that is the motto of our events this fall. The “Technologietag” for our industry and network partners follows the motto: "Listening how products sound!”, and you cannot get around the topic sound at our Talent School, the think tank for young researchers.


24.9.2020 - 25.9.2020

Technologietag »Hören, wie Produkte klingen!«

Am 24. und 25. September 2020 dreht sich am Fraunhofer IDMT in Ilmenau alles um die akustische Produktentwicklung für Virtuelles Engineering und um die akustische Qualitätskontrolle von Prozessen und Produkten mit Künstlicher Intelligenz.

Trade fairs and conferences

Here you can see and above all “hear” us in 2020.


2.3.2020 - 4.3.2020

Call Center World 2020 "Understanding better instead of turning it up!"

At the Call Center World Fraunhofer IDMT's Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology department presented how important the right sound is also in the working environment. For example, intelligent solutions can make telephone workstations more effective and more pleasant.


25.6.2020 - 26.6.2020

XR Expo goes virtual

As a virtual exhibitor, Fraunhofer IDMT presents a new tool for digital product development: VIPRA, which for the first time ever, enables users to realistically experience the sound of virtual products in space.


7.12.2020 -11.12.2020

Forum Acusticum 2020 “MEMS Loudspeakers: tiny but with powerful sound”

The European Acoustics Association is holding its conference on acoustics in Lyon (France) from 7 to 11 December 2020. At this important scientific forum, Fraunhofer IDMT will present its tiny speakers with big sound.

Unsere Sound-Experten

"Listen when it leaks"

Watch our video on automatic and early detection of compressed air leakages.

"This is what it sounds like in real"

Watch our video on virtual acoustic product development.