Digitales Event  /  07. Dezember 2020  -  11. Dezember 2020

e-Forum Acusticum 2020

Neuer Termin: 7. – 11.12.2020

Organisiert von der European Acoustics Association findet das Forum Acusticum als große euopäische Tagung für Akustik alle drei Jahre statt – in diesem Jahr zum ersten Mal als digitales Event. Treffen Sie virtuell auf unsere Akustik-Experten, die in zwei Beträgen neueste Forschungsergebisse aus dem Bereich der MEMS-Lautsprecherentwicklung präsentieren.

Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen!

Integrated piezoelectric MEMS loudspeakers for in-ear applications

Fabian Stoppel (Fraunhofer ISIT), Andreas Männchen, Florian Niekiel (Fraunhofer ISIT), Daniel Beer, Bernhard Wagner (Fraunhofer ISIT)

This contribution introduces a MEMS-based in-ear headphone system. The core element is a chip loudspeaker manufactured solely using standard MEMS technology. It features multiple piezoelectrically driven bending actuators, which are mechanically decoupled from each other and are directly used for sound generation. In combination with an in-ear housing and dedicated driving electronics, the MEMS loudspeakers enable good performance at small device size. In an IEC 60318-4 ear simulator, for example, sound pressure levels of up to 110 dB are achieved across the entire audible frequency range. In addition, the headphones feature a high electroacoustic sensitivity of about 120 dB/mW, low harmonic distortion and a reproduction range significantly exceeding the audible range. The contribution covers the technology as well as a comprehensive electroacoustic analysis. In addition, the huge development potential concerning future loudspeaker generations will be discussed. 

Expedition MEMS Speaker

Daniel Beer, Jan Küller, Tobias Fritsch   

There is a high demand for portable sound on the market. Manufactures of headphones, hearing aids, and smartphones have to deal with miniaturization of electroacoustic transducer (micro speakers) size by keeping sound quality and energy efficiency (battery life time) at the same time. Different techniques are known to downsizing transducers. A very successful method is given by the semiconductor industry. The use of the so-called MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) leads to great success in applications for microphones and accelerometers. This success has triggered a high interest in the potential of MEMS technology for speaker manufacturing. The presentation gives an overview of the challenge for MEMS loudspeakers. Based on patents, the initial approaches of MEMS loudspeakers will be presented. Finally, some notes will be given for particularities in very small acoustic systems.